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Team Your Beasts

You must have your sex fantasies. This is a real-world where things aren’t up to our desires but to your surprise in this universe your all sexually driven wishes would be fulfilled in the haven. Stop feeding your fantasies and give a chance to your realities. It’s no more a dream to be in arms of the most gorgeous woman.

The safe heaven is a brothel full of extremely gorgeous and supremely sexy ladies. Their age starts from 18 to mature.  They are experienced and trained to make you feel like in a parallel universe with their unmatchable actions. Just communicate your desires and let them take the lead.

The Right Girl to Pick

Just like life partner compatibility you need a partner with equal sexual compatibility. If she is not according to your taste you wouldn’t be able to drink the whole glass. Why less when there is no mess. Contact us and book an appointment, come to the place, sit and relax. After making yourself comfortable we will lead you into the decent marvel bathrooms where sexy girls will be sitting. You will feel like the mermaids with extreme beauty are sitting there waiting for you. Take a bath and indulge in chatting with the ladies here. Pick the one who will taste better and vibe with you then take her to the private rooms.

You only have one chance to live on the top of the lungs while experiencing the best sex in the world. We claim to satisfy your inner demons. Why not offer yourself in other’s hand and let them take you in another world.

Elite Services

 Other than offering you a wider variety of female escorts from Newcastle and helping you find your match the facilities are provided like to make sure you step into a cosy room. The rooms are perfectly tailored to heat your sexual intercourse and intimacies. 

 Our female escorts are trained to relax and make you feel comfortable. Just let her take the lead the feel over the ninth sky with the best of services.

 We facilitate not only in rooms but offer you the best yet discreet services in connection to your entrance and exit. The parking is discreet.

 All you need is to pay and book your slot. The rest is on us. We undertake the customers’ desires and offer them what he is after. You deserve to experience an over the moon sex life then don’t deny or reject the times you will receive this offer.

 The safer heaven isn’t in the parallel universe but this universe. Let us help you to team your beast and knee down your demons.

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